REDBABI Photography


Born in Bienne, Switzerland, 1980.

Bachelor in Human Sciences, Switzerland.

Fan of travels and student at the Toameme Circus in Fribourg, Switzerland.

Volunteer photographer at the "Nouveau Monde" cultural center in Fribourg.

Volunteer photographer for DailyRock Magazin Switzerland, Festicheyres Festival and Estivale Openair Festival.

I've always been fascinated by the power of certain pictures.

As a child, i have spent many hours watching my father using an argentic camera. He showed me the basics and offered me his camera when the numeric world invaded our universe.

I could not use it for a long time, because i was young and penniless and the costs for buying films and developing them got high.

At this moment, i have fallen into the dark side of evolution too and started to take pictures with a "modern" camera.

Years after years i used different cams but I have never really token the time to learn the technique.

I worked essentially with my heart and feelings... and some "automatic modes", that have never really satisfied me.

From the frustration grew the need to understand and master the technical world of photography.

And so it has begun, the new story started in a library... then in my studio with experimented photographers.

My next goals are to learn astrophotography and create a black room to develop my own old fashion argentic films, because my old cam "slept" enough. 


June 2018, Fribourg, Switzerland :  "Rideaux" is my first expo. The pics have been taken in front of a huge black curtain at the Toameme Circus. Aerials, jugglers and acrobats.

15.09 - 27.10.2018, Fribourg, Switzerland : Last spring, I traveled through Yunnan Province in China.  "La tête à l'envers" are pictures about moments of grace or strange things, endless rice fields and crowded traditional markets. Between modernity and history.


Journal La Côte

La Liberté